Do I have to pay my November tax bill, even if my hearing has not taken place yet?

Yes. Effective July 2011, at least 75% of your ad valorem and 100% of your non-ad valorem taxes must be paid in order for you to receive your hearing. Nevertheless, we recommend paying the full 100% of your tax bill to avoid possible interest and penalties being assessed to your remaining 25% balance. If the payment is not received by March 31st, your hearing will be forfeited.

How long does this process take?

Your petition will be filed by no later than September.  Hearing run between early November, 1st and early April.

Can the County penalize me and increase, rather than reduce, my assessment at the value hearing?

No. The County can only reduce your assessment at a value hearing—they cannot increase it.

If a reduction is obtained will the value remain the same for subsequent years?

No. The County is not obligated to keep the reduced value obtained at a value hearing for subsequent years. However, there are caps in place that limit how high your assessment can be increased from year to year. For non-Homestead Exempt properties, your Assessed Value cannot be increased more than 10% each year. For Homestead Exempt properties, your Assessed Value cannot be increased more than 3% each year.

How soon will the Tax Collector’s Office issue my refund check?

The Tax Collector’s Office usually issues refunds within two to three months from the hearing date. Refund checks will be issued to the party/entity shown on the check the Tax Collector’s Office received for the original tax payment.

Do I still have to pay you even if we did not receive a property tax reduction?

No. We only invoice for any tax savings received as a result of our attending a hearing and successfully reducing your property’s value. If we are unsuccessful in reducing your property taxes, you would owe us nothing further.

Do I need to do any research or attend the hearing?

No. We do all the work for you! We will run our own comparable sales searches, calculate whether your income information works for you, and consider other information provided pertaining to your appeal. We will, however, request that any additional information you may have that is favorable to your case be forwarded to our office.