Real Estate Property Tax Appeals

We research comparable sales and present those comparable sales favorable to your case.

Information regarding possible conditional problems existing at the property is also requested and reviewed.  Every case is throughly analyzed.

Commercial Property Tax Appeals

We take into account whether your commercial property has any factors the Property Appraiser’s Office overlooked such as limited use, adverse location, or limited access.

Income and Expense Information reflective of rents, vacancies, maintenance, and repairs is also considered when preparing your commercial property tax appeal.

Tangible Personal Property Tax Appeals

As with real estate, you should not pay taxes on exactly what you would sell the personal property for, but on a lesser amount based on statutory guidelines.

Since the County’s depreciation tables are sometimes wrong, we examine the depreciation on business property based on the year of purchase, original cost, type of property, and type of business to determine the just value.

NOTE: The first $25,000 in Tangible Personal Property Assessment is exempt from paying taxes

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